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Domestic For Profit LLC

Est. 12/12/2012

NotifiUs, LLC is 100% bootstrapped.

The only fiduciary responsibility we have is to our customers. Our services are not designed to maximize revenue — they are designed to help you.

Business Roadmap & Goals

The over-arching plan is to get financials in shape, hire employees, and make our customers happier together. This roadmap is focused on business-goals so you wont find current product & service here.

The theme for 2023 will focus on developing customer relationships, including expansion into new markets.

These ideas are highly-unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. (It's okay to Google these.)

  1. Security Training

    Shift focus towards IT security in conjunction with managed service offerings for defensive and incident response capabilities.


  2. Grove City Tech Lab

    Create opportunity to serve residential and small-businesses local in Grove City, Ohio. Call Theory does not mean much to non-industry audiences.


  3. Call Theory Focus Shift

    Remove the mix of tech support and managed services to better focus Call Theory on scripting and account management


  4. Open Company

    Publicly share company metrics online


NotifiUs, LLC is doing business as Call TheoryOhio Trade Name Registration · 06/16/2020

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