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Est. 12/12/2012

Official NotifiUs, LLC business information.

Welcome to the official business-information website for NotifiUs, LLC. The primary purpose of this website is to provide greater transparency into NotifiUs, LLC business-operations and goals.

The idea is not novel - many other companies are becoming more transparent to their customers, staff, stakeholders, and even to the public.

If you are a business owner, consider opening up your company metrics more publicly.

Patrick Labbett, Creator

Single-Member LLC
Managed by
Patrick Labbett
Based remotely in
Columbus, Ohio, USA

NotifiUs, LLC is doing business as Call TheoryOhio Trade Name Registration · 06/16/2020

The Call Theory Universe

Leveling up the call-center and answering service industries.

Call Theory - Support for call centers - calltheory.com
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