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What exactly is a strategy session?

I love talking tech. And that’s what we’ll do: no sales pitch, no pressure. Just raw discussion on the challenges you are experiencing and the core realities behind them. We’ve even solved customers problems on the phone during a strategy session before they even signed up as a customer!   

Technology is a challenge. You can learn it the hard, frustrating, painfully-slow way. Or you can work with an expert who has gone through the pitfalls and found the solutions to the problems you’re experiencing.

I’m a Cloud+ engineer, software developer, and infrastructure manager with over 15 years of experience running call center and telephone answering services, as well as supporting customer vertical markets. If I can’t help you or we’re not a good fit, I will make recommendations on multiple vendors who might be able to solve your problem.

Look, we can talk tech all day long. But if you aren’t serious about solving your technology challenges, we aren’t going to be a good fit. This means we ask you to fill out a brief application after booking a strategy session so we can hit the ground running. Please be as specific as possible.

Our strategy session will give you the momentum you need to move forward and make your technology work for you!

We book 2-weeks out and our sessions fill up fast.

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