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Documentation, Scripting, and Support

Screenshare, phone, and email support
Technical documentation for call centers
Unlimited scripting library access
A-la-carte emergency support
Weekly virtual office hours
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Call Theory Universe Premium Subscription

Our Products & Services A collection of unique ways to level up your call center

WCTP Gateway

An open-source SMS gateway for Amtelco systems.

Call Center KPI Dashboard

Real-time KPI dashboard for Amtelco call centers.

Technical Skill Assessment

Get help interviewing and evaluating your technical hires.

NotifiUs Encrypt

Stop sending sensitive information directly in emails

Free to use   Free, simple-to-use encryption for anyone!
Call Center Technical Help · Information technology consulting, engineering, and development
Cloud Services

Get help planning and executing your move to the cloud.

Contact Us Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
Genesis Migration

Moving from Infinity to Genesis? We can help.

Contact Us Amtelco Genesis Soft Switch
Software Development

Custom websites and applications that will blow you away.

Contact Us Check out our code on Github
Telephony Setup

Get help with your telecom infrastructure.

Contact Us SIP, PSTN, ISDN PRI, remote users, and more

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