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These are the motivations, ideas, values, and goals that drive my business decision-making and focus.

Open & Transparent
These values come through in both our products (open-source software) and our every-day interactions with our customers, vendors, and peers. This page is a testament to the information available publicly, and I hope to continue expanding what metrics display here.
Adaptable & Iterative
The COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in my previous business plans. While I've adapted and continue to make improvements in my strategy, I was only able to do this through feedback and iteration from clients. This feedback loop is imperative to my ongoing decision making.
Promote Best Practices
The easiest way to promote best-practices is to follow them yourself as a role-model for others. Doing so will foster discussion and promote awareness of normal security, infrastructure, and application protocols.
Attention to People
The call center and answering service industries have a stigma to overcome. As a result, I believe you must design products and services that cater to the usability by callers, call centers, agents, and clients - sweat the details so they don't have to.

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